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Stone Land is situated at India's stone heartland Dholpur, Rajasthan. We are a leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier, wholesaler and trader of a wide variety of stones like Marble, Green Marble, Rainforest Green Marble, Rainforest Brown Marble, Pink Marble, Granite, Black Galaxy Granite, Absolute Black Granite, Ruby Red Granite, Kashmir White Granite, Imperial White Granite, Paradiso Granite, Sandstone,Teakwood Sandstone, Rainbow Sandstone, Beige Sandstone, Fossil Sandstone, Mint Sandstone, Jaisalmer Sandstone, Slate Stone, Kund Multi Slate Stone, Jack Multi Slate Stone, Kund Black Slate Stone, Lime Stone, Kota Blue Lime Stone, Kota Brown Lime Stone, and implement an innovative technology to eliminate any impurity from them.

Consistent in color and design, we manufacture stones widely used in building residential and commercial complexes. We believe in meeting customer's requirement and satisfaction with the help of superior skills. We have a competitive advantage over others in terms of superior quality and affordable prices. A reason why we are flooded with the offers from our deemed international clients.

Our Products

  • Slate Stones: Kund Multi Slate Stone, Grey Slate Stone, MC Red Slate Stone, Beige Slate Stone, Jack Multi Slate Stone, Multi, Kund Black Slate Stone, Lilac White Slate Stone, Multi Pink Slate Stone, Chocolate Slate Stone, Mac Green Slate Stone, MC Peacock Slate Stone, Pure Pink Slate Stone, Autumn Slate Stone, Pure Pink Slate Stone, Raja Red Slate Stone, Regular Autumn Slate Stone, Rustic Black Slate Stone, Sanjani Slate Stone, Shimla White Slate Stone, Tera Red South Slate Stone, Vijaya Gold Slate Stone, Yellow Slate Stone, Copper Gold Green Slate Stone, Silver Shine Slate Stone, Ocean Slate Stone, Jeera Slate Stone, Panther Slate Stone, Speckle Slate Stone, K.K. White Slate Stone, etc.
    • Available in natural, honed and polished finish
  • Sandstones: Agra Red Sandstone, Shivpuri Pink Sandstone, Autumn Brown Sandstone, Speckle Brown Sandstone, Bansi Pink Sandstone, Teak Wood Sandstone, Beige Sandstone, Tint Mint Sandstone, Dholpur Pink Sandstone, Tint Mint Dusty Sandstone, Dholpur Red Sandstone, Tint Mint Green Sandstone,Tint Mint Grey Sandstone, Fossil Sandstone, Tint Mint Lines Sandstone, Jaisalmer Yellow Sandstone, Rainbow Sandstone, Kandla Grey Sandstone, Panther Sandstone, Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone, Modak Red Sandstone, Ita Gold Sandstone, Flowery Gold Sandstone, Desert Pink Sandstone, Desert Chocolate Sandstone, etc.
    • Available in natural, honed polished, tumbled, shot blasted and brushed
  • Limestones: Lime Green, Kota Blue Limestone, Kota Brown Limestone, Lime Pink Limestone, Kota Honey Limestone, Cuddapah Black Limestone, Tandoor Yellow Limestone, Grey Limestone, etc.
    • Available in natural, honed, polished, tumbled, shot blasted and brushed
  • Granites: APP Black Granite, Chiffon White Granite, Black Galaxy Granite, Black Pearl Granite, Ghibli (Giblee) Granite, Hasan Green Granite, Himalayan Blue Granite, Ivory Brown Granite, Bosh Paradiso Granite, Sapphire Brown Granite, Ruby Red Granite, Kashmir White Granite, Imperial White Granite, Paradiso, Steel Grey Granite, Raw Silk Granite, Colombo Juprana Granite, Tan Brown Granite, etc.
  • Marbles: Albeta Marble, Forest Green Marble, Forest Brown Marble, Golden Marble, Green Marble, Pink Marble, etc.
    • Available in honed, polished and antique finish
  • Quartzite Stones
  • Cobbles
  • Pebbles Stone Handicrafts.

Our Quality

As a manufacturer and exporter of stones used for construction purposes, we forever strive for meeting the expectations of our customers. Our widely available range of stones like Marbles, Sandstone, Granites, Slate Stones, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Table Tops, etc. are checked for their impurities in their raw form by our experienced staff. Post manufacture, these pass the stringent quality checks by our expert team, resulting a smooth pattern and finish of the stones.

Our Infrastructure

We have got finest infrastructural facilities in the form of ready to order stone quarries. From there, we are able to get raw materials in its excellent form. Also, the presence of local labor and craftsmen helps us to arrive at global quality standard. Their time tested local wisdom and skills are used to the maximum at our company. This helps us in removing the impurities from the raw materials, which is another additional factor in this.

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